Loans & Finance

Loans & Finance

Business Loans

Starting a business and running one can be one of the most demanding tasks in life. We can help provide short-term and long-term finance solutions to help grow your business and invest in it. From unsecured lending for everyday needs to secured lending for growth and expansion, we can find the solution for your business’s goals and needs.

Working Capital: Overdrafts | Line of Credit

An overdraft is a great way to handle the everyday needs of running a business when cash flow is poor or the timing of cash flow is poor. As overdrafts are a form of unsecured lending they are suited to a business that is leasing/renting a premises.

A line of credit (LOC) is another great way to handle a business’s everyday needs and also help fund its growth and expansion. As a LOC is a form of secured lending, they are suited to a business that owns a property to be used as security and they also attract cheaper rates than an overdraft would.

Cash Flow Lending

Obtaining finance through the use of your business’s projected cash flows is a great way of obtaining funding for a new business that has yet posted a profit due to recently being established.

Trade Finance

Trade Finance is the financing of international import/export transactions. This type of funding can be used for a business importing goods or exporting goods.

Debtor | Invoice Finance

Debtor or Invoice finance is like a line of credit for your business that is secured by your outstanding invoices (accounts receivable/debtors). It is a great funding solution for improving cash flow and generally attracts cheaper rates than an overdraft would.

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