Loans & Finance

Loans & Finance

Vehicle, Plant & Equipment

Buying your first car or your dream car? Buying a new work vehicle or machine for your business? As vehicle and equipment purchases are generally the second largest purchase we make in our lives, second to buying property, it is crucial to have the right financial solution in place.

Vehicles (All Types)

From your everyday car to your dream supercar, we can provide you the solution to your finance needs while helping you avoid the traps of dealer finance. We can also obtain corporate rates for business purchases (ABN required). We also finance other vehicle types such as boats, planes and helicopters.

General Plant & Equipment

Purchasing plant and equipment can be a necessity of most businesses today. Whether it be replacing/upgrading old equipment or purchasing new equipment to expand and grow we’ll help find the financial solution that’s right for you and your business.

Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery, also known as Yellow Goods, are crucial to a large organisations operation in certain industries. It is key for these purchases to have their finance in line with the financial needs of the business.

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